The U-POD, or rather referred to as POD, is 87 meters in length and 32 meters wide weighing in at 5000 lbs unloaded with a maximum carrying capacity at 12000 lbs. This deployer can tunnel its way underground behind enemy lines and pop out of the ground in a surprise attack formation. Usual payload includes 35 troops and two tanks. However, the tanks are sometimes not loaded in order to provide more speed and quickness when underground.

When deployed the front or the spiral digger of the pod will fold out into four sections forming an anchor revealing three holes that launch Klasene rope into nearby tall structures if any. The ropes can then be mounted with parabars to carry the troopers via magic energy pulses up to the end of the klasene rope.

There are also 2 large hatches on each side where the tanks can deploy or the soldiers.

When retreating the POD will push itself into the air rotate the front down to the ground and dig away.