Toopoxia 554862

Flag of Toopoxia

The Kingdom of Toopoxia is a small, non-powerful entity, sat on the fertile banks of the River Voli it is home to the most economically powerful trading organisation in the world, the Guild of the Invisible Hand to whom the Crown is officially at war with. Politically, the Kingdom is often fractured, the Crown having very little authority over semi independent Baronies and Counties, the Court being often rife with petty accusation and constant rhetoric, it is a neutered realm, existing solely because the Invisible deem it more trouble to remove than it is worthy.


The Kingdom of Toopoxia was founded around 14,000 B.C.E. by the Dynasty founder Bur Mikhainus the Warrior. His crusade to command the River Voli followed the path of the ancient Gaal City States, strangely enough, very little resistance was offered from those who had continued to live off the river, stranger still were the actions of Mikhainus following his ascension, whilst the King had formerly been quite a ruthless, dogmatic and ignorant ruler, now he was organizing his court and opening trade routes, allowing immigration and the spread of cosmopolitan religious culture.

Under a more liberal leadership the Gaal Cult returned under the title of the Guild of the Invisible Hand, with Royal backing the Guild was able to stretch far beyond what the Cult had achieved and the prosperity it bought in only continued to increase the power of the Toopoxican Kingdom.