Fedeledland is a nation very diverse in religion, although mostly atheist.

Approximately 75% of the Fedeledlandese population is agnostic, since the Great Havoc caused a great impact on Fedeledlandese religions that had promised that wouldn't ever happen. The other 25% is divided between the following religions:

  • Fedeledism (12.5%)
  • Protestant Christianism (4%)
  • Shiite Islam (3%)
  • Nordic Pagan religions (1%)
  • Greek Pagan religions (1%)
  • Demon Adoration (1%)
  • Zoroastrianism (1%)
  • Catholic Christianism (0.5%)
  • Mesopotamian religions (0.2%)
  • Judaism (0.1%)
  • Atheism (0.05%)
  • Other (0.65%)

Fedeledland is, therefore, possibly one of the most religious-diverse nations in the whole world.

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