The Empire of Fedeledland is a very diverse nation with a few hundreds of languages and dialects. In this page the main languages in Fedeledland will be pointed out.


Fedeledlandese or Lorenzin is a language mix of Spanish and Italian who was taken to Fedeledland by Italian explorers and now is the main language on Fedeledland.


Quenya is an elven languages mostly spoken by the Vanyar and Ñoldor species, and not that much by the mostly Telerin Fedeledlandese population. It, however, is still used for communication with other elves, as Telerin is a dialect unique to Teleri Elves and no other subspecies speaks it.


Telerin, or Sindarin, is the most common purely Elven language in Fedeledland. It is mostly concentrated around Neurialad and Eleond, and has lost influence in other parts of Fedeledland. However, it still counts as an official language and one of the most spoken languages in Fedeledland.


Arabic is a minor and localized language, with only slightly over 700,000 people speaking it, and only in the New Makkah and Dêleondë prefectures. Virtually 100% of it's speakers are Muslim and human, and it's a somewhat discriminated language.


Finnish is the most important language in two main prefectures: the Fróidleikrborg one and the New Helsinki one. They come from Finnish immigrants onto the Human Cities, which have slowly replaced the ancient Norse Elven population with a joint Finnish elven and human one.

Old NorseEdit

Old Norse is the main language in Útlendrborg and Bátrborg.



Fedeledi is a language only spoken in the Fedeledi majority areas of Fedeledland, located in western and northwestern Fedeledland. It's a language most closely associated with the Murgothi language, and as thus is discriminated by many Fedeledlandese politicians, which see everything that is Murgothi-related to be an enemy.


Italian is the majority language in the prefecture of Nuova Firenze.

Other Major LanguagesEdit