Language is the tool of communication used by intelligent life in the World of Chimera. A common form of language is activated by a syntactic combination of lexicals and manner of articulation.

Names for RastynhavenEdit

- Under Construction -



banished race: the demons of murgothian legend.

il(clan name): title of the leader of a clan

gul (clan name): title of the current leader of murgoth.

gulgorth: the eternal pit. translates to "great pit". it is a large fighting pit which is the seat of power for the leader of murgoth.

grrleshnil: the devil of murgothian legend.

gulsot: fight for leadership. translates to "great fight". fought between a challenger and the current gul. loser either surrenders or dies.

murgothi/murgothian: the name for a citizen/member of murgoth

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