The Gabrielle Desjardins Greenhouse in Inner City Kripatra (across the Kafrilaatian River is Downtown Kripatra).

Kripatra is the largest city in Rastynhaven . Xe is also the Capital City and home to more than 57 million people.and has been said to be the second most technologically advanced and technomantic megalopolis in the World of Chimera, next to Cyberpatra.


See: Language in the World of Chimera

The word Kripatra is a compound word of Kri, meaning Visionary, and Patra, meaning Home. Both are words from the extinct language Vaarnevaa . It is also interesting to note that Patra also means motherlike or paternal-like in Esperanto.


The History of Kripatra dates back to the creation of the Mist.

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