Deleondë Prefecture (Fedeledlandese: Prefectura de' Deleondë, Fedeledi: Deleondée Elaka, Sindarin: Deleondë Ardhon, Fedeledlandese Yucatec: Deleonde Lu'um, Greek: Δελεονδε Νομαρψηἰα, Deleonde Nomarchía, Fedeledlandic: Deleonðé Heimr) is the most populated of the prefectures in Fedeledland. It's capital is Deleondë.

Deleonde Province in Fedeledland

Deleondë Prefecture in Fedeledland.


What today is Deleondë Prefecture forms the core of what once was the Kingdom of Deleondë.



Deleondë Prefecture has six official languages, which are Fedeledlandese/Lorenzin, Fedeledi, Sindarin/Telerin, Fedeledlandese Yucatec, Latinized Greek and Fedeledlandic. It is the prefecture in Fedeledland with the most official languages. Deleondë has several other unofficial languages thanks to the high levels of immigration and exterior colonization.


Attracted by the promises of riches that are so common in Fedeledlandese myth and gossip, Fedeledlandese from all over the country immigrate in large levels to Deleondë Prefecture. Most come from the remains of Neurialad Prefecture and Tolú, although immigration comes in gigantic levels from all of Fedeledland. The main cities to which immigration comes to are Deleondë and Eleond.


Deleonde Prefecture w cities

Important cities in Deleondë Prefecture