Battle for The Nexhlian Plains Kingdoms Involved: Vizea, Cristhaven Death Toll:418 Dates: June 2015-December 2022

High up in between the Talbos Mountains and the Dezak Mountainsl laid the Nexhlian Plains, the most fertile region in all of Voltronica at the time. It was home to about 30% of all the farming in the Iconiac Empire. The battle may have had a minimal casualty rate but its not the soldiers that suffered a terrible fate of war it was the farmers. Through the overuse of trench warfare and toxic chemicals via magic the land turned to a desert. There is only 20% of the plains still in existence. Today the surviving viable farmland is virtually unreachable for farming because to get to it by road one must travel through the Umbraic Swamps or the Nexhlian Desert to reach the top of the Nexhlian Plateu.